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37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant: Your Checklist

  • Stock your freezer with meals you can heat up after the baby is born.
  • Finalize your baby’s nursery, and get the baby essentials you’ll need. Remember, many babies don’t arrive on their due date and could come early, so it’s best to have everything ready, just in case.
  • Sign up for the Pampers rewards app, so you can collect points and earn rewards each time you buy diapers.
  • Are you 37 weeks pregnant and exhausted? It’s no surprise! Take this chance to rest up.
  • If you happen to have a prenatal appointment this week, you can ask about cord blood banking, and whether it’s something you should consider. You can ask your provider what circumstances would cause her to recommend a cesarean section for me. And, you can ask about hospital policies and procedures during and after the birth. For example, who can be in the room with you during labor, and is skin-on-skin contact allowed right after delivery?
  • Twins and multiples are more likely to be born earlier than a single baby, so keep an eye out for signs of labor if you’re 37 weeks pregnant with twins or more.

When you’re 37 weeks pregnant, your baby may weigh between 6 and 6.5 pounds and measure more than 19 inches long. By now, she’s pretty much at her final birth weight, but she’ll keep putting on a little more fat each day. She might have made the “drop,” which means descending lower into your pelvis in preparation for birth. If your baby has dropped, you might be feeling more pressure in your pelvic region, along with the urge to urinate more frequently. If your baby hasn’t made the drop yet, then you might be feeling short of breath. Your pregnancy is almost full-term, and exciting times are ahead; here are some things to keep in mind for this week.

Your Baby’s Development

By now, your baby has developed enough coordination to grasp with the fingers. If shown a bright light, your baby may turn toward it in your uterus.

Watch Your Baby GrowHe or she continues to gain weight — developing fat at the rate of half an ounce (14 grams) a day. In general, boys weigh more than girls at birth.

Your Body

After this week, you may lose the mucus plug that sealed off your uterus to protect it from infection. The mucus plug (which can be lost a few weeks, days, or hours before labor) can be clear, pink, yellowish, or tinged with blood (this is called “the bloody show”). As the cervix dilates in preparation for birth, the plug is discharged from the body. Be sure to speak with your health care provider about any discharge you have.

Pregnancy symptoms at 37 weeks

The next couple of weeks are a waiting game. However hard it is to be patient, try to enjoy this time before your baby arrives. Eat well and get plenty of rest.

If you’re fed up with being pregnant, you can always look ahead to find out what your newborn will look like.

How your life’s changing

  • If you’re having your baby at home, your midwife will drop off a home birth pack about now.
  • Is your bag packed if you’re giving birth in hospital or in a birth centre? In case there are a few last-minute items that you haven’t thought of, take a look at our hospital packing checklist.
  • Sort out the clothes you want your baby to wear after he’s born and for the journey home. And remember to pack comfortable clothes for yourself.
  • You’ll probably be in your maternity clothes for a little while longer, as you’ll still have a bit of a bump after having your baby. Big, stretchy knickers are a must! You’ll need to use maternity pads for a good week after having your baby.
  • This is also your birth partner’s last chance to brush up on how to help you. You can read plenty of advice in one dad’s birth story.
  • You have probably put together your birth plan with your partner’s input, but what if you need to abandon parts of the plan during labour and birth?
  • You may have to rely on your partner to guide you through decision-making just when you’re least prepared for it. So help him understand what’s most important to you. And make sure he remembers all the details of the birth to tell you afterwards. You may not remember clearly yourself.

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